Graph Decompositions for Phylogenetic Network Reconstruction

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My PhD topic

Phylogenetic networks are models more expressive than phylogenetic trees to represent species or gene evolution, as they can show exchanges of genetic material through lateral gene transfer, recombination or hybridization. Lots of combinatorial approaches have been designed to reconstruct them from data extracted from a set of contradictory gene trees. My thesis will describe some reconstruction methods from triplets, quartets and clusters, based on graph decompositions, which rely on an underlying tree structure. I will present some limits of these combinatorial methods (complexity explosion, restrictions on the network model, ambiguity in the data) and show how to handle them.

A more detailed version of my subject in French

Who is who in Phylogenetic Networks

I'm currently compiling a bibliography on phylogenetic networks. This work is still in progress (I still have a lot of articles to tag with keywords, and keyword definitions missing) but you can already access Who's Who in Phylogenetic Networks RSS réseaux phylogénétiques, a bibliographic database with more than 300 references by more than 300 authors, tagged with a total of more than 100 keywords.


About phylogenetic networks: I've worked on other topics, here is my complete publication list.

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